“Afternoon Sun”
watercolor. 12″x15″
by Evy Okerstrom, $300

Welcome to my art newsletter. I am excited to tell you about my new exhibit of summer landscapes that are currently on display at the Hub on Canal here in New Smyrna Beach. The inspiration for these paintings came from my trip to Maine last year, and from the drawing exercises done while teaching. The trip to Blue Hill, Maine was to visit my family, where I was taken by the beautiful rugged scenery, water, rocks and play of light and shadows. The second inspiration came from my classes at The Hub on Canal.

“The Year of the Rabbit”,
watercolor, pen and ink, 13″x16″,
by Evy Okerstrom, $400
“Stairway to the Beach”,
watercolor, pen and ink, 14″x17,
by Evy Okerstrom $400
“Looking out at Blue Hill Bay”,
mixed media, 12″x15″,
by Evy Okerstrom, $400

I have 5 new paintings on view until October. “Afternoon Sun” is a watercolor with a view of light filtering through the forest and rocks lining Blue Hill Bay. “Stairway to the Beach at Blue Hill” was a drawing done in pen and ink then washed in watercolor. “The View from Lennie’s Kitchen” is another pen and ink drawing with watercolor wash. See if you can find the squirrel and bird in the picture. “The year of the Rabbit” is a watercolor, pen and ink painting that was a class exercise. “Looking out at Blue Hill Bay” is another class exercise in composition. 

This watercolor painting was created using the background of Blue Hill Bay with a sail boat, then adding subject matter from different sources. Rocks and foliage were created using textured materials, and then adding a bird for interest using pen and ink. Now that you know the back story, enjoy the exhibit!
“The View from Lennie’s Kitchen”,
watercolor, pen and ink, 13″x16.5″,
by Evy Okerstrom, $400
Let me take a moment to tell you about The Hub on Canal in New Smyrna Beach. It opened in 2012 as a place where the community could gather to experience all kinds of art. It provides a wide range of activities. Art exhibits, classes, workshops, music nights, and art camp for kids are just a few of the events that the Hub has to offer. In March the Hub received the gift of Jane’s Art Center, another art gallery in NSB. They are always working to create better experiences for the community. I have benefited from teaching classes and taking social media classes to learn how to market my artwork.
Speaking of classes, I will begin a new series of classes at the Hub on Thursday, September 7, 2023 called “Urban Sketching with Watercolor, Pen & Ink”. This is a great way to capture the essence of a cityscape or everyday things. This is a 3 week class (no class Sept. 14th) All levels are welcome; $75/series or $25/class. Contact me if you are interested.
“Everyday Things”
watercolor, pen and ink on paper, class exercise
by Evy Okerstrom.
“Cityscape” watercolor,
pen and ink on paper, class exercise
by Evy Okerstrom
Here is my thought of the day by Scott Adams, “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

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