“Petersburg, Alaska” , Evy Okerstrom,
Watercolor, Pen & Ink painting

Cards available $4. each
at the Hub and this Website Hub on Canal


Welcome to the May edition of Art News!  Just as I was getting my notes together to write this blog, I had a request to make a card for someone. The lady was going to a special event in Alaska! She also wanted to have it signed by the Members of the Congregation at Trinity Lutheran Church in New Smyrna Beach.  So, it had to be big enough to take about 100 signatures!  She and her husband are retired Pastors, and would be leaving around the 1st of May to attend a church installation on Sunday, May 7th for the Pastors who recently left Trinity for a call in Petersburg, AK.

I went home and found a picture of Petersburg surrounded by mountains with glaciers.  I decided to utilize my recent urban sketching experiences, and do a pen and ink drawing.  Then I used watercolor gouache and regular watercolor to create the scene.  White gouache was great to create the glaciers.  In order to remember my process, I took still photos and short videos of each step.  Later when I was done I put them together for a video on Instagram.  You can view it at: @evyokerstrom.  When it was completed, I took it to Jim Hale at Tropical Enterprises, in Port Orange.  He made (3) 8” x 11” one sided cards, so there was room for a lot of signatures!  My friend at church was pleased and everyone signed it. A happy ending!

Sketching with Watercolor, Pen and Ink Classes; I have continued teaching classes this spring and summer at Trinity Lutheran Church here in New Smyrna Beach.  I am doing a series on Watercolor in Urban Sketching.  The classes are on Wednesday from 1 to 4. I am including some of the exercises that I did during the classes. Urban sketching is not just drawing buildings, but as you will see “everyday things”, like a bowl of fruit and a wine glass.

Image:by Evy Okerstrom,
Urban Sketching: “Buildings” using a brush and watercolor
(Pen and ink added later)

Image: by Evy Okerstrom,
Urban Sketching: “Everyday Things”

Other Stuff:  I will be at the Hub on Canal Saturday, May 6, 2023 from 10 am to 2 pm.  I am going to update my display wall with paintings I have done of the Hub Garden. Here are a few examples.

Wednesdays in May; I am watching art history lectures online with Leslie Boles of Orlando. The current lecture series covers art in the 1950’s – 1960’s; after World War II and the rise of abstraction. 

Image: “The Hub Garden:
Lady Sitting on a Bench Drawing.”
by Evy Okerstrom

“The Hub Garden,
Abstract Garden Gate”
by Evy Okerstrom.

The Hub Garden,
Tree with Hanging Baskets”,
by Evy OKerstrom

Thought of the day:  “An artist does not draw what he sees but what he must make others see” Edgar Degas

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