” Morning Fog” by Evy Okerstrom, Watercolor, 9″ x 12″. If interested please contact me

In February, my days were filled with classes at Trinity Lutheran Church and the Hub on Canal. The classes at the Hub were well attended with as many as 9 students, and more signing up. I challenged myself to complete a painting of a serene harbor scene in Maine, inspired by early morning fog. Later this month I will be sponsoring an award at the Artists Workshop Annual Members Show. 

 Lennie’s House, ME

The weekly classes are Wednesday at Trinity Lutheran Church (1-4 pm), and Thursday at The Hub on Canal (12:30-3:30 pm). Hub classes end March 28th, and the Trinity classes will continue. This month we focused on techniques from Annette Compton’s book. We practiced thumbnail sketches for composition. Outdoors we did Plein air drawing, working quickly with only a pen to capture fleeting light.  If you are interested or have questions about the classes contact me at eokerstrom22@gmail.com.

Thumbnail sketche in pencil and wc,. by Evy Okerstrom

Example of Plein air sketching and wc at the Hub, by Evy Okerstrom

Exciting news: the Artists’ Workshop will open their annual members show March 4, 2024 at the studio on 540 Barracuda Blvd. NSB.  On Sunday afternoon, March 10th, is a reception and awards.  I have sponsored an award for the best “Pen and ink with Watercolor Wash” painting in honor of my Mother, Joanne Bailey Reitzel.  My Mother loved to draw with pen and ink and was an inspiration for my pen and ink artwork. She would be very happy.

“Progresso”, Watercolor, Pen & Ink painting by Joanne Bailey Reitzel (my Mother) 2001.

Thought of the day: “Being a painter is about communicating not simply recording”, page 103, “drawing from the mind, painting from the heart” by Annette C. Compton

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