Welcome back. It is definitely summer here! The weather has been hot and humid and we have had thunderstorms every afternoon with strong lightening. This is typical for this time of the year. Mornings are the coolest time of the day and the best time to walk on the beach or catch a swim. One of my students, Nancy, told me that a green sea turtle had laid her eggs a few nights ago near her property at the beach. Rare green turtles are coming ashore at night from the warm ocean to lay their eggs. They will hatch in about 2 months, and find their way back to the ocean. Volunteers place fences around the nesting areas to protect the hatchlings. This year has been challenging for the turtle moms because there has been so much erosion of the beaches from last fall’s hurricanes. New seawalls have been erected where there were piles of sand to dig a nest. In spite of this, the turtle that came to Nancy’s area was successful in laying her eggs. The turtles return to the sea and do not come back for about 20 years when they are mature. It is amazing to think that their instincts hold the memory of the beach location for that long.

Pen & Ink drawing of a Mother turtle with a baby on its back.

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I am currently working on a new painting based on my childhood memories. Attached is an image. For some reference, I have been studying the art of Marc Chagall. His dream like paintings were based upon his childhood memories when he lived in Russia. I have done a pen and ink sketch of memories I have of when I lived in Valley Forge, PA. I was about 9 years old. My parents rented a house owned by the American artist Wharton Esherick who made furniture. His studio was on a hill above our home, and he had a yard with all kinds of animal statues. The house was near the famous Diamond Hill Schoolhouse that was built in 1834. I enjoyed my school and played the cello. My cousin Len lived nearby. It was a good time. I have tried to recall the fuzzy images I have of that year.

“Memory Picture” by Evy Okerstrom, 9″ x 12″, pen & ink with watercolor.

My weekly classes at the Artist’s Workshop continue thru Thursday August 17th. They are from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. The Wednesday classes at Trinity Lutheran Church will resume Wednesday, July 12th and they are from 1 pm to 4 pm. The name of the class is Sketching with Watercolor, Pen & Ink. If you have questions email me at eokerstrom22@gmail.com. Thank you.

My Thought of the Day:  The opening picture of me for a video at Instagram @evyokerstrom for “Paintings from the Hub Garden”.

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