“Here Comes the Sun”, by Evy Okerstrom,
Watercolor, Pen & Ink,
12″ x 12″, frame included $350
Available at the Artists Workshop
Gallery during December.

This month I invite my readers to immerse themselves in my artistic world.

Exciting news: The Gallery of Gifts at the Hub on Canal is featuring my handcrafted Christmas gifts. 10 framed Watercolor & Pen/Ink pictures are available until December 23rd. Also you will not want to miss my Christmas cards and the new 2024 calendar featuring this year’s paintings.

My painting, “Here Comes the Sun’, will be at the Artists’ Workshop Gallery, 115 Canal Street, NSB through December. The “Deck the Walls” show opens December 2nd, with a reception in the afternoon.

“Snowman and Friends”, Hub Gallery of Gifts, (SOLD)

“Moonlight”, Hub Gallery of Gifts, 5″x5″, $30.

Save the date for my “Talkart” lecture, First Saturday, January 6, 1-2 pm at The Hub. “Sketching with Watercolor, Pen & Ink” will be about the fun of painting and drawing everyday things. Find out what the pen and ink process is, and what role watercolor plays.

January also brings a new 4-week watercolor & pen/ink class every week. Wednesdays from 1 to 4 pm at Trinity Lutheran Church starts January 3rd. Thursdays from 12:30 to 3:30 pm at the Hub starts January 4th. Classes will continue through April. I will have more on this next month. Contact me directly (eokerstrom22@gmail.com) if you have questions.

“Angel”, Hub Gallery of Gifts, 5″x5″, $30.
“Elephant”, Hub Gallery of Gifts,
5″x5″, $30

“Bouquet of Flowers”,
Hub Gallery of Gifts, 5″x5″, $30

Thought of the day; Thank you for reading my art blog each month, and sending me feedback. Thank you too for supporting my artwork and attending my classes. I hope you have learned as much as I have!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

To view my artwork please visit the Gallery. Visit Gallery