“Woman in Garden” , watercolor on canvas , $300.

Hello and welcome back to my Art News Blog!  Thank you for reading and clicking on the link to the rest of this blog. 

 The November Watercolor classes ended with Thanksgiving, and will resume Thursdays, December 3rd and 10th.  We will break for the holidays.  In the interim I worked on finishing up the artwork I had started with my online class at the Worcester Art Museum. Some of that is displayed this month.     

December is usually the month of anticipation, celebration and reflection.  This year of course is very different; the members of my classes have been faithfully coming to the class each week since July. All of us have stayed well and no one has come down with the Covid Virus. The word: Joy comes to my mind.  Dr. Robert Holden, Founder of the Happiness Project, states “that Joy is the soul of happiness”. He goes on to say that “creativity is one of the qualities of joy”.  I think the driving force keeping us well, is our love of art which has given us joy and the ability to be creative.

Pictured left: “Woman in Garden” , watercolor on canvas , $300. PURCHASE

Before I go any further, I would like to share some artwork done by  my class member, Judy Cooper.

Thank you, and now here is my schedule for December:

Tuesday, December 1st, at the Hub on Canal, I am doing the Intake of Paintings for the December Exhibit. The drop off time is Noon to 4 p.m.

Thursday, December 3rd, at the Hub on Canal; Sketching with Watercolor Class 11 am to 2 pm.

First Saturday, December 5th, the Hub on Canal at 132 Canal Street: 4 pm to 7 pm, Reception for the December Exhibit “Art Square: 12 by 12”, by the Florida Women’s Arts Association. I am participating in the exhibit and will introduce the President at the reception.

Pictured right: “Sea Glass in Blue” , watercolor on paper  $300PURCHASE

“Sea Glass in Blue” , watercolor on paper  $300 PURCHASE

“Sea Glass in Red”, watercolor on paper. $300 PURCHASE

Thursday, December 10th, at the Hub on Canal; Sketching with Watercolor Class, 11 am to 2 pm

If you are interested in the Sketching with Watercolor, Pen & Ink Classes that resume Thursday, January 14th, contact me at eokerstrom22@gmail.com or call me at 859-699-1506. I will have several openings.

Here is my thought of the day:  “Whatever art is to you, immerse yourself in it. Let it feed your soul – and bring joy to our world!  The true value of art lies not in the product that is created, but in the portal it provides to higher form of consciousness, fearlessness and love. “Whitney Ferre, Artist and Co-Creator of the Journey


I wish you all: Best Wishes for a Happy and Peaceful Holiday and New Year, Evy

Pictured left: “Sea Glass in Red”, watercolor on paper. $300PURCHASE

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